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Before they were famous, our favorite stars were…
…Abercrombie models?»

Right now no one cares about this side of Jennifer which is really sad because there are hundreds of pics of Jennifer like this doing good and I think it’s sad that no one will “leak” good pics of her or any other celebrity for that matter. Jen took those leaked pics IN PRIVATE and that’s how it should have stayed. I’m not going to be one of those people who is like oh my god I cant believe that Jennifer was such a whore or a slut because she’s not she’s one of the most outstanding actresses ever and she’s curvy and beautiful and not full of herself. And no the leaked photos will NOT ruin her career because her career started long before those pics were leaked. People are acting like she’s the first woman to take nudes but maybe she’s proud of her body and she should be so everyone calm down Jennifer is still the same woman she was before this happened. I say you can either choose to move past the one bad thing and look at all the positive things she has done or you can call her names and hate her but I say it’s your loss

Guess Jeans Outtake 1997 - Valeria Mazza Laetitia Casta & Alex Lundqvist by Ellen Von Unwerth

y tu mamá también (2001)